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This is not just a vulgar joke, a fake tanning and empty host setting the edge of the Sarah grape’s teeth. What’s more crazy is that her husband is a hooked brain

This is not just a vulgar joke, a fake tanning and empty host setting the edge of the Sarah grape’s teeth. What’s more crazy is that her husband is a hooked brain

The danger of pouring oil on the fire, the misguided few accused the best-selling newspaper for selling hatred, and I had a terrible confession to do.

A terrible, shameful secret that I have been carrying for many years. I apologize for a terrible, evil, unforgivable prejudice. But I can’t pretend. I have to be clean. I hate to dance strictly.

In fact, that’s not true. I hate to jump up and down strictly.

Womens Sexy Dresses

Really, a lot. Yes, in my opinion, what no more than empty, two-dimensional tripe, like most things on TV these days, there is no culture – so much of our society as a positive example oflobotomies evidence.

All about it, from the annoying theme song to absurd, exaggerated plus size bodystocking and dancing, the fact that everyone is orange, and everyone is orange.

I don’t care about it having three trillion spectators. I’m sorry, that’s the way it is.
Worse, I can’t escape. My other half – the environment minister, Michael Gove, absolutely admired the damn things. He could hardly control himself for two periods of time.

No matter what we need, how much we need him to do, no matter in terms of crisis, 7.15pm 6.45pm, Saturday and Sunday, you will always find him staring at TV strictly.

That’s why he likes it so much, I never guess. Some people may see adult men in tight clothes and wig, which reminds him of his past hours in the Department of justice. Perhaps some of the Saucier numbers brought back his memory as a leader.

Or it’s just the fact that it’s a guy, after all, he likes to look at the exposed plus size bodystocking to twist the buttocks.

I also found a person’s line of sight in a fishing net bodystocking attraction at the male bikini David Brent. The strict plus size bodystocking team can even make Brian look like a small tent.

A particularly nasty collection reserved the dreaded “professional”, in which dancers cavort in the semi ballet way some ghastly rehash the background music of a popular song.

This Halloween, they chose to read Fleetwood Mac’s dream is a sexy vampire mix, and completely masked female vampire in tights and feather pole dancing in the four bed, their “victims”, in a white shirt, waving his arms like Kate Bush to call a taxi. It’s terrible, but it’s not a good way to do it.

Not always. When Sir Bruce Forsyth was still alive. I didn’t say that because of the respect for the old hooligan. After all, he died three months ago, but because he was the man of the job.

With Brucie at the helm, it’s just so much more than just a Saturday night’s stupid. Its real charm, certain kitsch and chic, takes it to another level of the golden age of a TV style.

Forsyth has brought the natural material of one side to be flinched.

It is precisely because of him, sitting on a Saturday night in the twenty-first century, with a rigid smile to see men and women’s thoughts, or even more stringent beneath the hips, gliding in glitterball from hopeless stupidity to completely acceptable, even pretty cool.

fishnet bodystockings

He played the role very well. Perhaps this is related to the fact that his once popular dance hall dance itself is a little unpopular.

Until that moment, it was strict, like some kind of light amusement Phoenix, who was resurrected from the ashes and conquered everything.

Have a pleasant entertainment synergy, a like a pair of old double breasted man, not to re invent themselves and trouble, but he was just waiting for the return to fashion.

This is the same old Brucie, with the old topic into the same dance name from another era Foxtrot, tango, Waltz – but in a completely new and very modern framework, namely the art talent show.

Like a tired old furniture polished with sandpaper, Farrow and Ball, Brucie and dance hall are from the old chic, from despair to the incredible old-fashioned outmoded.

This point, in addition to the fact that he is an old expert, is a strict indication of this. There is no doubt that he is a professional: he uses this easy wisdom to anchor it.

He had such sharp tentacles that he could feel every slight change in the studio audience, and he knew how far he could push.

He is often a subversive, sometimes a dangerous one. He controls the rhythm of Simon and controls the orchestra.

If a contestant or a judge is a little out of touch, maybe he feels a little too much. Brucie flicks their restraint with his sour tongue and dials it enough to make everything harmonious when all smiles are like candy giving babies.

He was a real giant in this respect, and after 2013 announced his retirement, he was never a real giant. For some time, uncle Len Goodman, Len, cut the cloak from the same cloth. Like Bruce, he may look like a soft touch of the most unlucky two left footer optimistically, and the mistake is always generous.

But, outside the thick – skinned peddler, this contrast of his young judge’s grand criticism, hiding a core steel. In spite of the brightest choice of the judge, he knows most of his onions, some of him, like Bruce, to remind everyone in time and again.
In the last game of the last game, he retired, and I’m afraid I have lost my balance.

The new head Shirley Ballas judge did not have Arlene Phillips (the original “Mom” performance. He was kicked 2008 to Alesha Dixon, and he was later sent to the British Darren in ITV and replaced by Darcey Bussell).

The dynamic is wrong with Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly on the basis of their own and equality.

At first, Tess and Claudia had no ants and had a lot of jokes in December, but the fact was that they did not have any chemistry on the screen.

Claudia’s natural passions and talents, such as prank and comedy, let alone her agile mind (she has one from Cambridge) is hopeless. This is probably to prevent her from letting Tess, who may be in the tower of her figure, but it will never make such charm.

Tess’s cold smile will never reach her eyes, and when all her mistakes, she is probably not happy as a root canal.

As a judge, Darcey is very good. Despite the sweetness of saccharin, some of her ensembles are so weird. You swear that someone in the plus size bodystocking has a grudge against her.

In real life, she is really elegant and beautiful, so only God knows what’s going on there.

Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli, at the same time, with their red and black after 15 series is not too much to wear in the whole head transplant requires a thin Qian Baochi good value.

But the real nail is in the coffin, I’m afraid it’s Shirley Ballas, and a woman’s cold heart can extinguish the fire of hell.

It was as if the Broadcasting British Corporation called the central casting team and asked to mark one of the “smiling assassins” from the vault.

She likes the evil stepmother, Cruella de Vil and Anne Robinson.

A former half professional dancer I know described her as “a crazy propaganda maniac”.

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